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Submitted April 4, 2018

Community Living Centers – A Brief Outline – March 26, 2018

  • 1. Homelessness does not need to be taken care of in expensive real estate like NYC & LA. In NY they are in hotels on 57th St. Odd!

  • 2. Homeless can be taken care of in cities that require revitalization & want that economic activity or on inexpensive land.

  • 3. Start with the 30,000 homeless vets – 8,000 still on the streets.

  • 4. There will be about twice as many residential units built as those for the “previously homeless” all built as condos.
  • PLAN:

  • 1. Sell the residential units as condos to allow the recoupment of all or a good portion of the sponsor’s investment.

  • a. The units for the “previously homeless” might be bought by the sponsor or they will be purchased by others who like the idea of buying real estate where a “previously homeless” person, or family, live.

  • b. The other units will be purchased by those who want to work in, volunteer or participate in the Community Living Center environment.
  • 2. There would be 4 types of CLC’s:

  • a. An “Intake” CLC to determine their condition & to direct them to one of the other 3 active CLCs.
  • b. A “Working” CLC that would have a profit oriented business that could be anything from indoor &/or outdoor farming, light manufacturing, cottage industries, call centers, etc. There should be a minimal “cost” in operating a Working CLC as the products will be sold.
  • c. A “Learning” CLC where people will get a High School degree, an Associates or even Bachelor’s Degree or a Certificate of Completion in a skill that will allow them to be employed after leaving the Learning CLC. They could also function as a place where people go to learn the skill to fill the reported 4 million jobs that cannot be filled because there are no people with the skills needed. I read on Facebook that it only requires about 20 weeks of learning to fill most of these jobs.
  • d. “Caring For” CLC’s would be for people who cannot go to either of the other 2 with the objective to try to get then into one of the other CLCs. Caring For CLCs could also be used by the general public as modified nursing homes or Sr. Living Facilities to reduce the cost of growing old & eventually dying.
  • e. CLCs could become a place where the youth of America perform National Service. It should be done after High School & before college. It could be a 1 or 2 yr. “program” as the student desires.

    Respectively Submitted,
    donald weiss
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    Submitted October 10, 2017

    Community Living Centers - A Plan for Implementation

    My goal is to change America (and the world?), end homelessness & provide an alternative way of living for not only the poor but others who like the idea of living in a community like a Community Living Center (It Takes a Village!). I have been in contact with the Director of The Coalition of Homeless Veterans as it seems this is the most sympathetic population to help in America. I think there are still about 30,000 estimated homeless vets with an estimated 8,000 living on the streets. This is The United States of America – can we work together to end this scourge? The idea is a simple one & its foundation came from my experiencing the Kibbutz system when I lived in Israel. There would be 3 types of CLC’s:

    “Working” CLC’s, where the “members” would work in a profit oriented business – it could be anything from cottage industries to farming (indoor & outdoor) to light manufacturing. The members would share in cooking, cleaning, child care, maintenance & operations. The Working CLC’s would be paid for by corporations as a way to “bring jobs back to America”. I believe that the homeless do not need to be taken care of in some of the most expensive real estate in the world, NYC, but in cities that require revitalization and want that economic stimulus, or on inexpensive vacant land. In New York now, the homeless are being put into hotels & even luxury apartments! I also envision that CLC residential space will be developed as condo units so people from anywhere can buy a unit & live, or visit, an environment where they can contribute to helping others. Others may buy to own the unit where a homeless person will live. This will defray, or maybe even pay back, the cost of those paying for construction. It might be that many people in the general public will like the idea of living in & working in a Community Living Center. Units can range from single rooms with their own bathroom & small kitchen to larger units for “public” purchasers. If Stepehn Paddock, the Laas Vegas massacre shooter, had lived at a CLC maybe he would have been able to vent his anger & not want to murder.

    “Learning” CLC’s would allow people to get a diploma (HS, Associates degree or maybe even a Bachelors) or a Certificate of Excellence. Learning CLC’s could become a place where people, other than the homeless, want to go to get a degree or be trained in a skill that is needed. Many jobs are not filled now because of the lack of skilled people. I think I read 5 million! I envision these would be paid for by the wealthy as a way of “giving back” to America & creating a further legacy for themselves. Like 5 Oprah Winfrey Community Living Centers (she is rolling in it – well deserved, mind you). It may even become fashionable to have a CLC named for you.

    “Caring For” CLC’s would be for those who cannot go to either of the other two. The goal would be to get them into one of those. But some people do not have that capacity. Caring For CLC’s could also be used by the general public as modified nursing homes & Sr. Living Facilities. Again, I envision they would be paid for by the wealthy with apartments for the public to buy & live in who may like the idea of helping others. It could be a retired nurse who is happy to work in the CLC for, say 15 hours a week.

    It might become that CLC’s become a place for our young to perform National Service. Please help me move this idea forward.

    Respectively, Donald Weiss

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    Submitted October 1, 2016

    Community Living Centers - A Plan for Implementation

    DATE: September 17, 2016

    TO: Gov. Andrew Cuomo (hard to find a way to send an email, so if someone can forward this to his office, it would be appreciated)
    Mayor Bill de Blasio (how to find him?)
    Assit. Directors to Health & Humans Services NYC (Dept. of Homeless Services has no head) Rachel Lucas & Jennifer Yeaw (please pass this on to Comm Steven Banks)
    NY State Dept of Homeless Services (could not find this - NY Senators & Assembly people - please pass this to them if this dept. exists)
    Queens Week @ The NY Post
    Empire State Development Corp (could not find a NY State Agency - this one is quisi governmental)
    NY State Senators & Assembly people: Marge Markey, Joe Addabbo, Michael Gianaris, Toby Ann Stavisky
    NYC Speaker Melissa Viverito
    NYC Council Members: Elizabeth Crowley, Daniel Dromm, Jimmy VanBramer

    Dear Distinguised Politicians (I'm sure you all are that or close to it):

    I have been following, and trying to address, the homeless population in NYC, in particular, and the Homeless Vet situation. The people sent to were mentioned in articles in Queens Week (not a gay publication!) published by The NY Post.

    My idea, Community Living Centers could, with proper coordination between the Mayor & the Governor (will they be more difficult to get together than the Palestinians & the Israelis?), become a new engine of growth, development & change in NYC & NY State.

    The Community Living Centers would be build & operated by either corporations who want to bring jobs back to America or the wealthy as a way of "giving back to America" & creating a further legacy for themselves. Naturally, government will be involved. I have contacted Apple to consider working on this project.

    My thought is that homelessness should not be housed in our most expensive real estate - NYC. The proposed placement of homeless in the Queens' motels I read about in Queens Week allowed me to try to get this idea out there again &, hopefully, moved on.

    To "solve" the NYC homeless situation, it will require a state wide search for locations like cities that require revitalization of vacant land that is cheap (there is much in upstate, I think).

    There would be 3 types of CLC's:

    1. "Working" CLC's - these would have their own profit oriented business' - light manufacturing, farming, cottage industries, etc. The "member" would have housing (sharing a room, a small apt.) & they would share in the cooking, cleaning, child care, maintenance, etc. This would involve the well functioning homeless population - I have been told that could be about 40%+.

    2. "Learning" CLC's - these would offer a HS Diploma, Assoc. Degree, or specialized training to allow that person to, hopefully, become independent.

    3. "Caring For" CLC's - these would be for those who do not fit into either of the other 2. These CLC's could also be used a "modified" nursing homes & assisted living facilities so, hopefully, people in the end of their lives don't have to spend all their savings to die. Many people, I beleive, would like to live in & volunteer at any of the CLC's. They could, in time, become places for our young to have National Service.

    My idea is that this could become a national project to finally, allow for all Americans to not have to sleep and live on the street.

    I could be available as a full time "consultant", or Director, to move this mammoth project forward. I would be pleased to speak to anyone who has interest in this idea

    Donald Weiss
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    September 17, 2016

    When I spoke to Rick at the 800# for Apple about the MAC computer & my need for 1 to synch my photos to my computer properly (they now go to the computer in their original form, not manipulated, as I do) & my poor finances that does not allow me to buy one, & asked if Apple had any program that might "give" me a MAC in consideration for my idea of how Apple could help change America & the world in a positive way, other than the current trajectory (I want to marry my iphone!), he suggested I speak with Consumer Affairs, but, no human there! (I think that was a run on sentence). Just the info to email. So, that is what I am doing.

    The idea is called Community Living Centers. Apple could take the lead in this program which, according to my vision, would be paid for by the wealthy as a way of "giving back" to America (is that possible?) & creating a further legacy for themselves &/or their companies (The Apple &/or Tim Cook Community Living Center). The vision is they would be built in cities that require revitalization or in places were land is cheap. There would be 3 types of CLC's:

    1. Working CLC's - where people would go who want to, & can, work in a profit oriented business: light manufacturing, farming, cottage industries ++. A way to begin bringing jobs back to America. Apple might even find a way to start bringing Apple manufacturing jobs back to America. The idea IS to "create jobs", bring jobs back & to find a way for people to live. Housing would be "cutting edge" in design & materials used to allow for inexpensive housing but the creation of real estate for future sales of units to those living there (a way to begin building some equity for all). At each CLC, "members" would share in cooking, cleaning, child care, etc. I envision each to vary in size depending on the needs of that business model. Many CLC's could be in 1 location.

    2. Learning CLC's - for those who want to: get a HS degree (like maybe what would otherwise be runaway youths who can not or do not want to live at home any more), an associates' degree or learn a particular skill to allow them to be independent after completion of their learning. There may be some requirement for some hours of work each day.

    3. "Caring For" CLC's - for those who do not fit into either of the other two. These could also be used as modified nursing homes & assisted living facilities to allow Americans to have a place to go where others will volunteer to help so the expense of staying there, some of all of which may be part of the "contribution" of the donor, would be much less than what exists in the current market. How many can afford $8,000/mo. for "assisted living"? These might even become places for our youth to do National Service.

    I hope these ideas are appealing to Apple & the future of America. I would be pleased to speak or meet with anyone, including Mr. Cook, who look favorably on these ideas (sounds a little political, no?)

    Regards (I want to marry my iphone)
    donald weiss
    917 - 923-2441



    Modification of Community Living Centers Idea

    December, 2015

    Community Living Centers - A Plan for Implementation

    (Click here to DOWNLOAD printable PDF)

    Community Living Centers, including one for getting the homeless vets of America off the streets, would put Gov. Cuomo on the national radar in a big way.

    HUD’s Department of Planning & Community Development has, on their web page, their mission as follows:

    “Seeks to develop viable communities by promoting integrated approaches that provide decent housing, a decent living environment & expand income opportunities for low & moderate income people. The primary means to this end is the development of partnerships among all levels of government & the private sector, both profit & non-profit.”

    My Community Living Center concept is exactly this. My idea is to work with the most sympathetic group that needs what is described above, homeless vets as well as the population of homeless in NYC. It is my understanding that there are 40 – 50,000 vets who are homeless each night in America. Their plight as well as the homeless in NYC can be carried out in unison through 2 different “Intake” CLC’s.

    The first CLC would be in the building now vacant & in foreclosure in downtown Buffalo, One Seneca Tower. It is important to secure this building as it is perfect for the first CLC. The building is 1.2 million sq. ft. tower designed in the 70’s by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. There could be approx. 700 “member” living units for a total, with halls, etc. of approx.. 325,000 sq. ft. If there were units for administration housing & those who want to rent at the CLC to participate, help out, or just live there, this would be a total of 650,000 sq. ft. This would leave over 500,000 sq. ft. for common, working, learning & caring for facilities.

    I would move forward with this concept in the following way:

    1. Secure One Seneca Plaza with the Governor planning that.

    2. Prepare an overall proposal to submit to corporations and the wealthy to allow them to consider being the “partners” in future CLC’s.

    3. I propose the 2nd Intake Community Living Center be developed either in another city in NY State that could use revitalization or by creating a new town on now inexpensive land. Community Living Centers would be beneficial to cities that require revitalization throughout the country, like Detroit, as well as to becoming new towns in some of our less expensive real estate. (My philosophy is that it is better to take care of poverty not in the most expensive real estate, like New York City).

    4. Each CLC would have architectural integrity. I envision the “Intake” CLC could accommodate 500 or 1,000 people at a time. New CLC’s would have to be built for movement out of the “Intake” CLC. These would be “Working” CLC where there would be a profit business – light manufacturing, farming (indoor & out), call centers, cottage industries,etc., “Learning” CLC’s which would train & teach and “Caring For” CLC’s which would be for those who did not fit into either of the others.

    In each CLC, “members” would assist in the operation of the CLC as well as cooking, cleaning, child care, etc. Each new member would be assessed on many levels, physical, psychological, interest in working or going to a CLC to learn a trade or a skill, etc. Experts would be hired to determine the size of staff needed and plans would be made to hire the people or to find people who want to volunteer their services for the Intake CLC’s .

    If each new member would have their own self contained apt., of approx.. 350 sq. ft., and there would be approx.. 20% more units built for other support staff and those who want to rent at the CLC to be part of this new way of living in America. Space would be provided for common areas including indoor & outdoor recreation, work out, and sports facilities, a large dining room/kitchen space to accommodate 250 people at a time, office, administrative & other support services would require a large amount of space

    My concept is that the Corporation or Donor could actually get a return on their investment as the units would be eventually sold. The now Condo CLC’s would continue to operate.

    After determining the nature of new CLC’s, each of which might accommodate 500 residents, would be determined. If it turns out a large number of homeless vets want to work, it would be determined the best business plan & then approach business that would be interested in “bringing jobs back to America”, helping homeless vets and contributing to the redevelopment of America. These could be anything from light manufacturing, cottage industries, indoor & outdoor farming, call centers, etc.

    Community Living Centers are the most viable way to deal with “income inequality”. Many wealthy would love the idea of creating a CLC to fulfill a dream, add to their legacy – the Oprah Winfrey CLC in Oprah Winfrey, NY. Their contribution would be in helping or educating those less fortunate then themselves. This plan can be moved forward in good time to allow for the possibility of getting all homeless vets off the streets in 2 or 3 years.

    The homeless should be enthusiastic about getting off the street to go to a facility they will participate in operating & will be able to work, be educated or taken care of in the destination CLC. I can allow this to happen with the direction of Governor Cuomo &/or HUD. On a personal note, I have owned, managed and developed residential property in New York City, from 160 units (Gov. Cuomo’s daughter lived in this building in Flatbush in 1975) to brownstones since 1974. In addition, I opened Sugar Hill Art Center, in October 2001. That turned out to be bad timing! The web sites for the apartment house I last owned is It is on Broadway & 151 St. in Manhattan. It is 60 families & 9 stores, 100 ft.. on Broadway & 150 ft. on 151 St, 6 story elevator. It was built in 1908. I paid $125,000 for it in 1976. NYC was falling into the ocean then, rent control prevented turnover of units and most buildings were losing money – they were no longer considered assets of consequence, and were a lot of trouble to run.

    The middle class were fleeing NYC. The 160 family house, a nice post war building with a garage in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was 90% white in 1975 when it was purchased, and 90% black 1 year later. I experienced the “Flight of the Middle Class” from NYC. Most of these new tenants were working poor or welfare, the most being welfare. Most middle class tenants were not sticking around. Sugar Hill Art Center was a significant undertaking. It was located in the apartment house on Broadway & 151 St. It consisted of 5 retail store galleries, one of approx.. 3,500 sq. ft., 3 apartment galleries & a newly constructed & designed Roof Garden – Sculpture Park of about 14,000 sq, ft. The web site is

    I had purchased the sculpture, Nathanael, by Polles, as the “Center Piece” for the Art Center. He is “Monumental with a Strong Libido”. The sculpture, as well as information on Polles, can be viewed at My idea was to bring people to this neighborhood, which in 2001 was in the very early stages of recertification, which just means an upgrading in the economics of the new population – not a dirty word. I wanted to start a discussion of The Rent Stabilization Law and it’s impact on the City and how it does not allow change to take place. There is a way to solve that problem, but that is another day’s work. Nathanael weighs 5 tons, is 9 ft. tall and was sculpted from marble obtained in Carrera, by Polles, from the same quarry where Michelangelo got the marble for The David. Polles wanted to sculpt the “Modern Day David” showing the contemporary contours of the male form, as well as addressing the plight of most males, an inflated libido. It is pure elegance. A man, a block of marble, a hammer & chisel and energy like Nathanael has never been created before, nor could it in the future. It is the symbol of change, as was The David a symbol of the Renaissance.

    It would be very exciting for me to be able to move forward with a way to take care of our homeless vets, move the homeless in NYC and other places in America off the streets and to provide a new way of living for what might be a large group of people in America.

    Donald S. Weiss
    December 4, 2015

    Modification of Community Living Centers Idea

    July, 2015

    My idea for the Community Living Centers is that they would be built and paid for by corporations who want to bring jobs back to America and/or by philanthropists who want to leave a legacy in the creation of their CLC.

    • They could have their own profit oriented business - manufacturing, farming, cottage industries, call centers, etc. Or they could serve some other purpose - Sr. Citizen "homes", modified nursing centers, etc. The one's with business' should be financially self sufficient in time.
    • They could become living centers in places were massive infrastructure upgrades will take place. "Members" would share in cooking, cleaning, child care, etc.
    • They could be built in cities that require revitalization. They could be built with architectural integrity and in a way that would allow units to be sold in the future.
    • They could provide a place for National Service to be performed.

    I propose that the income generated at the CLC's not be subject to tax for some period of time & that the money brought back to America to build & fund the CLC's not be subject to taxation.

    I am very enamored by the positions of Bernie Sanders and have been trying to get him to embrace this idea as the best way to address income inequality, provide for a reasonable future to all those who find their circumstances in need of a CLC, to find a quick way to put a bolt of money and spirit back into America and get him elected POTUS.



    Modification of Community Living Centers Idea

    April 14, 2010

    - The Revitalization of Detroit and Other American Cities -
    And Bringing Jobs Back to America

    1. Community Living Centers (CLC), in a neighborhood scale, would be built in Detroit. This seems to be a better alternative to farmland, which has been proposed.

    2. Each CLC would be built green and by new urban architects, many of whom might be interested in contributing their ideas & plans.

    3. Each CLC would have its own business: manufacturing, call center, cottage industry, etc. Jobs could be brought back to America as the cost of labor is basically $0.

    4. CLC's would be funded by corporations, philanthropists, banks & the Federal and State governments.

    5. Each member of the CLC would work in the business. Those incapable of contributing because of their mental or physical condition would live in a CLC to tend to their needs and rehabilitation.

    6. CLC' s would be real estate. They could be built in the condo structure to allow for financing, to be paid by those "building" the center. Real estate is a good place for the Federal government to put our money to allow it to grow. Historically, good real estate has always gone up in value.

    7. There would be National Service performed at the CLC and Doctor students would rotate through the CLC.

    A New Detroit Could be Built with Community Living Center Neighborhoods!

    Architecturally Distinguished, Green, Caring & Profitable!


    A City
    A Corporation or business
    A Philanthropist (The Bill & Melinda Gates CLC?)
    Or The Federal, State or Local Government

    Respectively Submitted
    Donald S. Weiss
    April 14, 2010

    Modification of Community Living Centers Idea
    December 17, 2009

    Community Living Centers (CLC’s) would be our first totally green cities in America.  They would  be built in rural America, where land is chaep, or in cities that require revitalization (Buffalo, Detroit, et al). 


    * Would have their own profit oriented businesses, manufacturing, call centers, etc.  Members would work in the business

    *  Could be used partially, or wholly, as modified nursing homes &/or assisted living facilities

    * Could be built by any combination of:

             1. Federal money - How would taxpayers feel about our money being used to build high quality real estate - a real chance to have our dollars go to an appreciating asset.
             2. Philanthropists - What better way to give back to America.  How about an Oprah Winfrey, Illinois or a Bill Gates, Washington?
             3. Corporations - With the greatly reduced “cost” of labor, we could bring manufacturing and other business back to America.

    * Could be used to help our homeless population, including the large number of homeless vets.  It has been written that great societies take care of those who are not capable of taking care of themselves.

    *Could be geared toward teaching skills so the member, if they desire, can get a job a live independently.

    * Would be communal in nature with members sharing responsibility for cooking, cleaning, child care, maintenance, administration, etc.

    * Would provide an alternative to poverty other than our cities.  I have calculated if New York City and Los Angeles were “allowed” to become primarily middle class cities again, they would both benefit by an addition $100 Billion per year in new revenue.

    * Would be an immediate boost to the American economy and provide a senses of a way to solve our huge problems, financial, physical and spiritual.  We are a declining civilization.

    Modification of Community Living Centers Idea - May 2009

    As outlined below the "Home Units" section, I have modified my idea of Community Living Centers to make the facilities completely "green". They would the first fully green cities in America! The idea of Community Living Centers, originally, was to establish an alternative to poverty, other than our cities. This would allow our cities to become middle class again & greatly increase the revenue of cities to allow them to take care of themselves. Current conditions helped establish the idea of Community Living Centers - Home Units, as described below.


    A Plan For A Revitalized America? Community Living Centers

    Premise: It does not make much sense to “take care of” poverty in our most expensive real estate - our cities. But since we have no alternative for poverty, we have come to accept poverty “belongs” in our great cities. (In addition, rent regulations in NYC and LA ostensibly prevent change!) I have calculated that if NYC and LA were all middle class, the additional revenue each year to each city would be $100 BILLION! CLC’s would be built, as green cities, in our least expensive real estate, rural America or cities that require revitelization (Buffalo, Detroit plus +).

    CLC’s would teach skills - I understand there is a need for 1 million new nurses in the next 5 years in America. In addition, CLC’s would have their own profit oriented businesses - manufacturing (companies could bring manufacturing back to America as the labor cost would be very low), farming (Michelle Obama has it right that we need more organic food), cottage industries, call centers (I spoke to someone in India yesterday - we both had a problem understanding each other), etc.

    There are many good uses for CLC’s including training people & giving them a positive momentum to their lives. CLC’s could be used partially as assisted living & nursing home like facilities to help reduce our health care costs. CLC’s would be cities & towns in their own right and could be the first fully green towns in America. The government would be spending taxpayers money on constructing high quality, green, real estate - a good long term investment for the American taxpayer!

    Financial Incentive:
    I have calculated that if the estimated 1 million poor people in NYC (I heard recently that there are 2 million poor in NYC) were replaced by middle class, there would be an extra $100 BILLION per yr. in NYC’s coffers. (If each poor person costs $50,000 per yr. including the cost of social services, etc. and each middle class person contributed $50,000 per yr. in paying taxes and the flow of money, this difference is $100 BILLION per yr!)

    Effectuating the Plan:

    1. Large facilities would be built in rural America or created in cities that require revitalization (Buffalo, Detroit, etc.) where real estate is much cheaper than our great cities. They would become towns and cities in their own right. There are 30 million poor & 1+ million homeless and 30 million poor in America.

    2. Community Living Centers (CLC’s) could be funded by government, corporations (bring manufacturing back to America?) and/or philanthropists (Bill Gates, Washington; Oprah Winfrey, Illinois?).

    3. CLC’s would be built totally green. We would be creating real estate - which always goes up in value over the long term. This could be the way the government protects the large sums of money be expended to support our economy. The massive spending would be a boost to the economy.

    4. CLC’s would be geared toward teaching skills.

    5. CLC’s would have profit oriented businesses - farming, manufacturing, cottage industries, call centers, etc. - that the members would work in to help with their own sustenance. Would this new “low cost” of labor allow us to bring light manufacturing back to America?

    6. CLC members would communally help with cooking, cleaning, maintenance, child care, etc. The cost of social services in America would be greatly reduced.

    7. CLC’s could be places where National Service requirements are met & other people might want to live or spend time.

    8. Medical residents could be required to spend time at a CLC to assist with the many medical needs.

    9. CLC’s could become required way stations for immigrants to: teach them English, give them a skill, if needed, make sure they are not here to destroy us.

    10. CLC’s would provide an alternative to poverty other than our great American cities. The LA Tines reported that 40% of LA’s population is considered poor. Would it be immoral to allow the Bronx to become middle class again? CLCs could become a solution to homelessness in America - it’s embarrassing to see how the wealthiest country in the world can not figure out how to help this population.

    12. CLC’s could become an economic boom with CLC construction, revitalization of our cities, giving skilled training to people who, with the right training, could become middle class. America could regain it’s unique place in the world with a large body of skilled workers and dignity for caring for our homeless & poor.

    13. CLC’s would give a strong positive sense to Americans that we have a direction to help solve our problems on many levels.

    14. Members who stay and “qualify” could be given low interest government loans to purchase their units if they want to stay at the CLCC.

    15. Upper schools at CLC’s, for children there, would offer 2 alternative paths to start in the 9th grade: 1. Academic or 2. Technical.

    Respectively Submitted:

    Donald S. Weiss
    May 14, 2009



    IDEAS FOR OBAMA (and America)


    Community Living Centers - Home Units

    "The Homeless & Foreclosure Rescue Act of 2009" - the idea is to have the government take over foreclosed homes and to bring homeless (starting with Veterans) and others in need of housing, to occupy these homes. Each home would be overseen by someone performing National Service. The homes' mortgages would be paid by the government, according to the current appraised value, with a 7 year balloon for principal repayment. Maybe values will go up by then. This would take all this housing off the market, create a socially responsible program for helping the most disenfranchised portion of our population, allow for the homes not to fall into disrepair, and be restored as needed, including some "green" componants, create a national service program and establish a "beachhead" for future Community Living Centers.

    Technical High Schools of America

    In many places in America, the drop out rate in High School is 50%. Rather than requiring all students to perform at a certain level academically, or be kicked out, it should be encouraged to have each student learn a skill, if an academic course is not what suits them. In the 8th grade a student could choose an academic path or a technical path to begin the next year. Some skills may take 2 years, some 4 (or more). Schools could be converted and other structures used for the new Technical High Schools. A trained individual is better equipped to survive in life an be productive.

    Respectively Submitted,
    Donald S. Weiss
    Feb. 17, 2009



    New Changes - New Ideas
    October, 2008

    Since I wrote the information & ideas below, much has changed in America, & the world. The number of foreclosed homes in America is into the millions. The number of homes that are worth less than their mortgages is also in the millions. My idea of Community Living Centers, below, could begin immediately by using foreclosed homes as places to house the homeless - a major priority in America, I believe - and the poor also.

    Large communities of foreclosed homes would allow for a more productive CLC enviornment. These home would then be off the market and greatly reduce the supply of houses for sale which should help bolster the market considerably. Some of the homes could be used for housing the eldery. 4 - 8 eldery people could share a 4 BR house with "coverage" shared between nearby houses. This would be a significant alternative for our elderly who do not want to take care of themselves completely and want companionship and would be considerably less costly than assisted living or a nursing home.

    Respectively Submitted
    Donald S. Weiss
    October 19, 2008



    America is at a crossroads. Most Americans have little confidence in our future and fear for our economic future. Most American cities are suffering huge budget deficits. America is becoming a country of rich and poor. This can change. How we deal with poverty is of utmost importance. Most American cities have huge populations of poor. We have become accustomed to this as we have no other alternative to poverty. My idea, I believe, would help us restore our cities, create an economic boom in America and give Americans hope that there is a better future.

    If it is estimated that there are 1 million poor people in NYC and each of them cost government(s) $50,000 per year to support, with the various social services, medical, etc. and these people were replaced by middle class and upper middle class (there would be the demand, but the Rent Stabilization law in NYC has "cemented in" NYC's population base at its lowest socio economic level), who generated $50,000 per year in tax revenue, by paying taxes and the flow of money spent, this would create an additional $1 trillion a year in revenue!

    In Los Angeles recently the City Council voted for a 50 year moratorium on the conversion of any hotel over a certain size (I read, I believe, that there are about 250 hotels that qualify) that house poor people to be converted unless alternative housing could be found for all the residents. Again, no alternative to poverty so the grand downtown hotels that once catered to a middle class and upper middle class tourist are relegated to poverty. Community Living Centers could provide the alternative. Maybe someday downtown LA could once again be attractive for the middle class.


    Best Long Term Solution for Poverty and Homelessness -
    A “Revolution” of our Social Service System

    Community Living Centers (CLC’s)

    Philosophy: It does not make a lot of sense to take care of our poor ( and homeless in our most expensive real estate, our cities.  We should take care of the bulk of this population in our least expensive real estate - rural America or cities that require revitalization (i.e. Buffalo, Detroit).  The poor and the homeless have been housed and cared for in our cities because we have no other alternative for poverty.

    The Plan:  CLC’s would be constructed to become towns and cities.  Just the homeless population in America has been estimated at approximately 1 million - and there are about 30 million poor.  I am not sure how many are in cities, but the L.A. Times recently reported that 40% of LA’s population is considered poor.  CLC’s would:

    1. Be geared toward teaching skills - if a person is capable of learning a skill.  They could then work wherever they chose to.

    2. Have profit oriented business that the members would be obliged to participate in - farming, manufacturing, cottage industries, call centers, etc.  This will allow the member to be productive and to contribute to their own sustenance.

    3. Members would help with communal cooking, child care, cleaning & maintenance.

    4. Qualifying members would be allowed to buy their units with low interest government loans - let them build up equity also.

    5. Become a venue for national community service - let our young people help lift up these two disenfranchised populations.  Doctors in residence could spend time at CLC’s to help with the myriad of medical needs.

    6. Be mandatory for new immigrants to:
                A. Allow us to make sure they are not here to destroy us
                B. Allow them to learn English
                C. Teach them a skill, if needed.
                D. Teach them about America

    7. Be sponsored by wealthy American and/or Corporations - The Oprah Winfrey Community Living Centers - teaching “X, Y & Z” - later to be known as Oprah Winfrey, Illinois.

    The Result:

    1. America would take pride in  properly taking care of, and directing, the homeless & poor.

    2. The cost of their care would be greatly reduced as they would be almost self sufficient, hopefully.

    3. Qualifying members would have a chance to own their own real estate and build up equity

    4. Our great American cities would be allowed to return to havens for the middle class & upper middle class - we could choose the poor who would be “allowed” to live in our gentrified cities.

    5. Massive economic growth would take place as we build CLC’s & refurbish our cities.

    Respectively Submitted:

    Donald S. Weiss
    February 19, 2008




    Community Living Centers

    A "Solution" to the Problem of Poverty and Homelessness in Los Angeles (and elsewhere).

    The problem of poverty and homelessness in Los Angeles, and most other American cities, has been unsolved thus far. It has been estimated by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty that there are between 700,000 and 2 million homeless people in America on any given night. I am not certain of the estimated number of homeless in L.A., but I did hear recently that there are about 18,000 homeless young adults and children in American and half of them are in Los Angeles.

    I believe the concept of Community Living Centers (CLC’s) would finally solve the problem of where to "house" the poor and homeless and how to deal with their problems to help them learn how to help themselves. My idea is that CLC’s would be built in very rural areas where land is cheap and where there would be little or no opposition to this development. CLC’s could be built, physically, by constructing small (200 sq. ft.) individual modular housing units with a bathroom and small kitchen or multi-family units. Some shared housing could also be built. CLC’s could house as many people as conditions dictate, as they may expand over time and even allow for the conversion to real towns with ownership of the "houses" encouraged.

    Each CLC would be geared toward teaching a specific skill - one that the person would like to learn or where there is a need in society for that skill, or if that person is not capable of learning a skill, each CLC would have a mechanism for the "member" to be productive - manufacturing, farming, cottage industries, etc. This would allow the member to be productive during the day and help contribute to their own sustenance.

    This is the way the Kibbutz in Israel was developed. Also, similar to the Kibbutz, each member would contribute to their own sustenance by doing cooking, cleaning, maintenance, child care, etc. The CLC would operate with a structure to allow for decisions to be made and for the CLC to function properly and be monitored.

    The CLC would, hopefully, give the member the skill level to get a job and live independently, if that is what they want. They may want to get a job and stay at the CLC. New development would occur on or near the CLC to be close to the new skilled labor pool. For example, could this allow for us to use our unemployed, and even homeless Americans, to become competent call center reps so we could give the employment to Americans (sorry, India).

    In addition, I would encourage a CLC to be named after a benefactor - personal or corporate. This name could continue if the CLC became a town. For example, Bill Gates might be interested in a Community Living Center for computer skills (I heard he was good at that!) and it could be know as the Bill Gates Community Living Center. And, if in time, it became a town, it could be Bill Gates, California. Not a bad way to be remembered (assuming the town flourishes).

    CLC’s could also be used as a way station for new immigrants that come to America. It would serve many functions: allow us to make sure that person is not here to destroy us; teach that person about America and to read and speak English (no more pressing #1 for English!); teach them a skill for employment. Illegal immigrants would be sent to an Illegal Immigrant CLC where it would be determined if they were to be made legal and sent to another CLC or deported.

    Although the problem of homelessness in America is huge, there is also a huge problem with poverty. We have become accustomed to accept that we take care of poverty in our cities. Since urban real estate is now in high demand, it does not seem like a good decision to deal with poverty and homelessness in expensive real estate. My original concept of the CLC was for the poor of America: to allow for a place for them to be, other than our cities, so they could learn a skill or be productive. This would also allow our American cities to become middle class again! I read that one third of the population of L.A. is considered poor.

    CLC’s could produce a degree of wealth in America by allowing the units to be purchased, with low interest government loans, etc., which would create real estate equity for those who were once poor!

    One major problem is how to deal with all the medical issues, both mental and physical, that will be encountered with this population base. I think the answer to require National Service at a CLC, which would include medical students. Some CLC’s would also "specialize" in dealing with people with medical problems and they would be at a facility that dealt specifically with the problem they had.

    CLC’s could also have a number of units for people who want to volunteer and become part of this "healing process" for America. Some people may choose to pay to live at the CLC. The CLC should allow for a greatly reduced cost to America for taking care of the poor and homeless as they will be productive, be earning money, and will help share in taking care of their own and other’s needs.

    My recent introduction to Kabbalah has given me the foundation to move forward with this idea and for this "presentation" to the City of Los Angeles. I believe the healing nature of Kabbalah would have an extremely positive impact on the future of this population that we will be taking responsibility for. Kabbalah’s existing programs, Technology for the Soul and Spirituality for Kids, have helped thousands in "grounding" themselves. Raising Melawe has been the single program to recognize the horror of poverty that exits there and to try to deal with it in a spiritual way for healing and personal progress.

    Respectfully Submitted:

    Donald S. Weiss
    April 29, 2007


    The Homeless & Foreclosure Rescue Act  of 2008

    Proposal: The Federal Government will strongly encourage, or oblige, banks to give a stay on foreclosure to those homeowners who are threatened to loosing their homes to foreclosure (not investors) in consideration for taking in a homeless person.   A monthly stipend of $400 would be paid to the homeowner for food, etc. for the homeless person.

    Benefits: Solve 2 serious problems, at least in the short term.  Better ability for social workers to follow up on homeless (and those who were loosing their home).  It would help the national (& world) economy by reducing the number of foreclosures.  Banks would favor this as they would not have to write down the losses from foreclosures.  The homeowner & the homeless would be helping each other while also helping America! 

    Shortfalls: Need homeowner, & homeless, to sign “Hold Harmless” Agreement.  Will cost the government money.  Estimate: If payment of $400 per month is paid for each homeowner and 100,000 homeless & property owners threatened with foreclosure take advantage of this program, the cost would be $480 million plus administrative costs. - a mere pittance compared to the $168 billion that George is having printed and is being given away!

    Trade Offs:  Maybe in time the poor and homeless will get back on their feet and contribute to society and be able to work and the homeowner who did not loose their home will help stabilize the real estate, and mortgage and should allow them some flexibility in remaining solvent.

    Respectfully Submitted:

    Donald S. Weiss
    June 29, 2007


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